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Volume 22 - Patrick Garrett

Volume - 22 Patrick Garrett

Here comes the Boom! Loud, Unapologetic, in your face Rock and the guy driving the BIG RIG is Patrick Garrett.
With some huge drums at his side, he provides the power to his heavy band....of friends and musicians.
And when he's not banging on the tubs, you'll probably find him next a grill, cooking up some of that great KC BBQ!
(can't wait til they figure out a way to get food through the internet via a computer screen, mmmm)
Anyway...my man Patrick allowed me to bug him with some questions about his drumming, so I did. This is what he had to Talk Chop about.

Name or Stage Name:
Patrick....or Garrett 

Where are you from? Born in Kansas City, Missouri, but grew up in 
small-town USA - Memphis, Missouri. 

How long have you been playing? 
 For Christmas when I was like 4 years old I got a Bugs Bunny drumkit. So I started early. 

What is or are your main genre of playing?

Straight forward hard rock music. 

How did you get where you are now?
Just hard work mainly. Practice...practice...practice. 

How is the music scene in Kansas City? 
The music scene has its good days 
and bad days here in KC. Overall, I'd say it has been 
pretty good. We have some really good venues, good 
promoters, some very good bands in our genre...actually, in
all genres. Every now and then things happen that make you 
scratch your head...but overall, ya....it is pretty good! 

What are your goals, short & long 
Short term goal is to get our new CD recorded and out to the masses. We've been hard at work over the last several months writing, and we finally are hitting the studio tomorrow (as I'm answering this). This will be our 3rd Release, and our 1st with our new singer Ray L'etoile. 

Artists you would like to play for? 

Hmmm....if your asking what bands I'd want to play drums 
in - I'd probably list Sevendust or Godsmack

List some of your accomplishments -
My band Unwritten Rulz originally formed
around 10 years ago, just as a cover band. We started 
writing our own material and switched gears to being all 
original around 6 years ago. We've had the pleasure to 
share the stage with many National Acts, including Drowning 
Pool, Hinder, Saving Abel, Nothing More, Adrenaline Mob, 
Saliva, Adler's Appetite, John Corabi, LA Guns, plus 
more. We also played Rocklahoma in 2012 & 2013...which those shows included bands like Korn, Alice In Chains, Guns N Roses, Rob Zombie, Black Stone Cherry, Jackyl, Chickenfoot, Steel Panther, Papa Roach, & many more. 
Project Backstage Midwest Music Awards we have won include 
2012 Silver Drummer of the Year
2014 Live Performer of the Year
2015 Achiever of the Year
2015 Album of the Year (Life of the Party). 

Are you in a band? Yes, Unwritten Rulz formed around 
10 years ago...the product of a drunken float trip! 

            UWRITTEN RULZ - Sampler from New Album

Do you play any other instruments?
Lets see....the triangle! Actually, no...I 
like to beat on my drum kit too much!! 

What are your touring experiences, if any?
We haven't "toured" as they call it, yet. We've done the
"there n' back" tours so far. 

Describe your current set up & gear - heads and sticks...
I play Mapex drums (all Maple) in Caramel Fade 
finish - sizes are 5 1/2x14 snare, 10x14, 16x16, and 16x18 
toms, 18x24 kick. I play the 1 up, 2 down style. I use 
Sabian cymbals - 14" hats (AA Metal-X), crashes - 
16" (AA Metal-X), 18" (AA Metal-X), 2-19" (AA Metal-X), Ride - 20" (AA Metal-X), China - 18" (AA Metal-X), 14" (AA-Rock). I also use a Meinl silver cowbell. I use Remo heads (Pinstripes on toms, Emperor X on snare, Powerstroke 3 on kick). For stick I am currently using Vater Power 5A. Pedals are Tama Iron-Cobra. All of these companies I use because of trail and error. I've played pretty much everything that's out there, and these are just what I prefer currently. 

Do you have multiple kits and snares? 
I do have multiple snares in various sizes and models. 

Which wood shells do you prefer?
Maple is what I currently use, but I do like Birch as well. 

Do you have a “Dream Kit”? 
Other than owning a kit from someone I admire, such as Morgan Rose or Shannon Larkin...not really. I like big kits, but I prefer smaller kits. 

How do you describe your drumming style?

I'd say I'm definitely what they call a "heavy hitter". I like to give the audience something visually. As you see above, my 
influences are visual drummers. I personally wouldn't say I'm very "technical". I'm more groove oriented, and try to play for the song. 

Why the drums? 
Simply put....Tommy Lee. When I saw him on MTV back in the day, it looked like he was having a blast, so that is why I gravitated towards the drums. 

If you weren’t playing drums, what would you be doing?

Probably a chef or a pit master. I love to cook and BBQ...hey, I live in KC!! 

How has drumming impacted or changed your life?
It has opened up doors to great friendships that might not exist otherwise. Its all about the people I've met...whether its fans, other bands, promoters, venue owners, security, etc. I also never would have met some of the "famous" musicians I either admire or grew up listening to.... 

Is the music business your career? 
Unfortunately, not yet. 

Are you involved in the local music scene in your hometown?

Yes, of course. We play alot locally and support live

music in the KC area. I have many friends in local bands,
promote shows, and UR has actually put on a few of our own 

VIDEO - Patrick with Unwritten Rulz

Name 5 of your drumming influences? 
This should be pretty easy for me - 
Morgan Rose, Shannon Larkin, Tommy Lee, John Bonham, and Vinnie Paul. 

Why? Like I mentioned above, I really lean towards the "visual" aspect. I could watch Morgan Rose play drums all night long. Same goes w/ Shannon Larkin. Tommy Lee, same thing. Every time I see any of those 3 play....I'm always like "damn, that was cool". John Bonham...talk about groove. And Vinnie Paul....talk about heavy-groove!! 

Name an inspiring concert that made you want to go home and start shedding?
Well, if you haven't noticed I'm a Dust Head!! 
I've seen Sevendust probably around 25 times in my life. And after every show, I'm blown away, not just because they are so good live, but because they CARE!! I think it was probably 4 years ago they were playing Harrahs Voodoo Lounge here in KC, and the date they were playing just so happened to be the anniversary of when my nephew (Joel Bertoldie) was killed in Iraq. I didn't realize it until the day of the show...so that SAME day I messaged LJ (Sevendust singer) on facebook, told him the story...and asked if they could dedicate their song "Angel's Son" to my nephew. I didn't hear anything back. 
No big deal. My wife and I go to the show, and I was blown 
away when they dedicated the song to my nephew. I teared 
up...it was crazy. 

How much time do you practice? 
Not as much as I wish I 
could. But I do usually play 2 - 3 days a week. 

What types of things do you like to work on? 
Just different fills. Different patterns. 

Do you record drum videos of yourself? why? 
Sometimes. My buddy JT got a Go-Pro last year and he's 
done some stuff with it. Not a lot...but hopefully more to 

Are you into electronic drums or programming? 
I'm not. I probably should be more into it, but our music doesn't really call for much of that. 

Are you a songwriter as well?
I help in that area. I help with arrangements and have helped with different lyrics n such. 

Do you sing and play?

I do not sing...well, let me take that back. I CAN NOT sing!!! LOL!! 

Do you prefer studio sessions, local live gigs or 
I like all aspects, but probably just playing Live in general. Playing in front of a crowd, when its packed, is quite a rush. 

Do you prefer being in a band (artist) or being a sideman? 
In a band 100%. I grew up playing sports and TEAM was driven into me at an early age. 

Do you have a crazy or interesting gig you can share with us? 
There have been quite a few really...from fights to being 
unplugged...we've seen alot. Probably the most 
memorable are the big crowd gigs. When you hear that 
roar...all of the hard work is worth it. 

What are your words of wisdom for your fellow drummers out there?

Have fun, that is the most important thing. If you are going to be in a band....make sure you can get along with the other

members. You're gonna fight, but at the end of the day, you know you are all brothers are would do anything for one another. 

Last Words, Links, Hashtags and Thank You’s??? 
Well, I can't say enough about Lisa, my wife of almost 20
years!! She has supported me from day 1. That means the 
world to me. Also, my kids Jordan & Jada for being 
supportive as well. Honestly, my entire family has 
supported me for alot of years doing this. My Moms for 
getting me that Bugs Bunny drumkit!! You can check out my 
band Unwritten Rulz at www.unwrittenrulz.com

also you can purchase our music on most applications such as ITunes, IHeartRadio, Zune, Spotify, Pandora, plus others. 

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Damn! Patrick is the man!! a really kool kat and someone we can all brother. Whether it's gigging in front of thousands or chillin' at home with some good food and friends, Patrick lives his life to the fullest and cherishes every minute of it.
In reading this interview, I felt that we all need to remember how precious life is but also how in the rough times, somebody's got your back, even something as simple as a song request granted can make things feel a little better.
We may be artists, players, fans, family and friends..
We all are humans dealing with the same issues.
Music is a Powerful medicine and should be used on a daily basis, to keep us healthy.

I apologize for the mini rant but hey, it happens and it's my blog.  ;)

BIG THX 2 Patrick!!! Thank you 4 sharing your drum life brother!
Please connect with Patrick and his band. Most of all support their music and their shows! #SupportIndieArtists

If you or someone you know, would like to be interviewed for Talkin' Chop. just contact me and we'll make it happen

DeHaven - de@oliomusic.com

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I'm Out!

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