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Volume 31 - Jordyn Zubyk

Jordyn Zubyk


It's time to dig into someone's drum life and see what kind of talent we can find around the globe. This blog finds us in Pennsylvania. Known for its Historical contributions, its great athletes and amazing musicians. Well I think we found another one of those musicians and she ready to take on the world one hard groove at a time. but wait there's more...she's not a one trick pony, she can lay down whatever genre you throw at her. As the old katz used to say "she's got the skills to pay the bills" and with only 11yrs on the the throne, paying her bills is not going to be a problem. The future and the present is bright for this young lady and I very proud to bring her to the eyes and ears of our supportive drum community.
I tracked Jordyn down and asked her to share her drum world with us and this is what happened, when we started Talkin' Chop.

Name or Stage Name:

Where are you from?

How long have you been playing?
About 11 years, self taught!

What is or are your main genre of playing?
Recently I have been playing a lot of rock and also remixing pop songs, but I grew up playing heavy metal/hardcore.

How did you get where you are now?
Lots and lots of practice and friendships!

What are your goals, short & long term?
My goal is to be able to travel the world playing the drums, as well as make a living playing music. For short term, I am always pushing myself to improve my playing every single day. 

Artists you would like to play for?
My Chemical Romance! They're the reason I started playing in bands and I would absolutely love to share the stage with them. 

Jordyn - My Chemical Romance "House of Wolves" drum cover

List some of your accomplishments:
My biggest accomplishment from drumming is the friendships that I have made. I have met the most incredible people that are so talented and I am forever thankful for that! I have also shared the stage with some of my favorite bands and received endorsements from SJC Custom Drums and VRATIM! (shoes & clothing)

Are you still in Closer to Closure?

No, that band ended about 2 years ago. I have been working with my new band for about 8 months and we have a ton of material gathered up and ready to be released, we just haven't announced anything yet!

How did the band form?
This is an incredibly long story! Haha. But the rest of the guys in the band have been friends for a while and played together in a former band, and Closer to Closure played one of the shows that they played. About a year after we broke up, they contacted me and said they needed a drummer and remembered me from that show, and everything went up from there! I am very thankful to be able to play music with them, they are some of the most talented people I have ever met and the nicest people in the world, and we vibe together really well. I'm excited to share everything we've been working on!

Are you one of the songwriters in the band?
I am not, I just write the drum parts! Brad writes the majority of the songs!

How often are you guys gigging?
Soon to be a lot, we are waiting on getting everything released!

As Indie bands, you have to hustle to make things happen... do you perform any other roles in the band, other than drummer?
We are more so a rock band, but yes, I do a lot of the business aspect in the band as well! We are all very equally involved in a lot of aspects of the band which is great. 

I hear some programmed drums the bands music, are you programming the drums?
I recorded live drums in the studio. The programming on the EP was done on the computer to create either piano or synth or similar sounds to make the songs really pop and sound full!

Do you guys use that in the live shows?
We do! My in ear monitors are plugged into the backtrack that allow me to hear the click track and the audience hears the programming! 

The band is very dynamic in its arrangements, does that start with you?
Usually guitar is written first! Occasionally I come up with a cool/different or more technical drum part that my guitarist can write a part over!

Do you play any other instruments?
I play ukulele and I also dabble on guitar and bass. 

What are your touring experiences, if any?
None yet, hopefully soon!

Describe your current set up & gear - heads and sticks...ect?
I have an SJC Custom drum set: 16x24 bass drum, 16x16 floor tom, 9x13 tom, and 7x14 snare. I use all Meinl cymbals: 14" Soundcaster Fusion hi hats, 8" Byzance splash, 19" MB20 Heavy crash, 20" Soundcaster Fusion ride, 18" MB20 Heavy crash, 18" Byzance china. I have a Roc n Soc throne, DW 9000 double pedals, and I use Vic Firth 5B sticks and Evans heads. 

Do you have multiple kits and snares?
I also have an electronic kit that I am able to practice on when I cant play my acoustic set. 

Are you a drum geek, into gear and stuff?
Recently I have been a lot more into gear, and I have been investing a ton of money into top of the line equipment!

Do you have a “Dream Kit”? 
I have always wanted a Galaxy kit that had LED's inside. That or a pug kit haha. 

How do you describe your drumming style?
I have recently been playing a lot of linear patterns and incorporating a lot of ghost notes in my parts! I have also been playing a lot of heavy double bass parts. 

Jordyn - Pierce the Veil "King for a Day" drum cover

Why the drums?
I've always been drawn to the drums. In elementary school we had to pick an instrument and percussion was the only one that you had to try out for, and I like a challenge so I went for that and made it! Ever since then I have taught myself everything I know.

If you weren’t playing drums, what would you be doing?
I have absolutely no idea, probably going to school for some career that I wouldn't want to do! Haha

How has drumming impacted or changed your life?
It has allowed me to meet every incredible human that I have in my life, given me experiences that I never thought I would be a part of, and just made me a more focused person. I literally have no idea who or where I would be without them. 

Is music full-time for you?
At this point in my life I am aiming for it to be. I have a few side jobs to afford everything with my band right now but I am hoping to tour full time! 

Are you involved in the local music scene in your hometown, other than just playing in your band?
Absolutely! I have been involved in it since I was about 16. I am very proud of the local scene that we have here and it's great to watch all of the musicians grow in it. 

I imagine with your skills, you get offered some other gigs?
I have, but I absolutely want to keep 100% focus on my band!

Name 5 of your drumming influences? why?
Tre Cool and Bob Bryar were huge influences for me because I grew up listening to their bands and those were the first songs I started learning on the drums. They really inspired me to put everything I had into playing. Then I had a lot of influence from drummers like Matt Greiner, Adam Gray, and Matt Halpern because they have an incredibly technical style of playing and it opened my eyes to a lot of new grooves and techniques. 

Name an inspiring concert that made you want to go home and start shedding?
The first time I saw My Chemical Romance, I instantly knew that I wanted to play drums for a band. 

How much time do you practice?
I try to practice for about 2 hours each day during the week, on top of practice with my band. 

What types of things do you work on, in those sessions?
I like to write my own parts to pop songs, and also cover some heavier songs to keep up my stamina. I've been focusing a lot on stick control and writing different/interesting parts.

I have seen your drum videos. How has it helped your drumming?
Pushing myself to learn challenging songs has helped me a ton as a drummer. It's really rewarding to learn a tough song and pull it off after some practice. I've also been writing a lot of my own parts to songs without actual drums in them and that has helped me become a lot more creating.

Jordyn - PVRIS "You & I" drum cover

Do you prefer studio sessions or local live gigs?
I don't think any feeling can beat playing a live gig.

Do you prefer being in a band (artist) or being a sideman?
Being in a band!

Do you have a crazy or interesting gig you can share with us?
The first gig I played with my new band, I fell off stage after the set. I leaned back on my throne against a "wall" that turned out to be a curtain and dropped about 10 feet into a random hallway backstage. It was incredible painful but absolutely hilarious and my band will never let me go for it!

What are your words of wisdom for your fellow drummers out there?
Don't every give up playing and always remember WHY you play. I've seen a lot of people cover songs robotically without really feeling anything, and I think the most important part is to really feel what you're playing and get lost in the drums.

Last Words, Links, Hashtags and Thank You’s???
My twitter/instagram is @jordynzubyk and my Youtube can be found by searching 'Jordyn Zubyk'! If I had to thank anybody, it would be my parents for putting up with my drumming for the past 11 years. I know I picked a very loud and expensive and large instrument and they have been nothing but supportive every step of the way!


Man, that was a lot of fun! Jordyn can bring it and she is really kool people. I really appreciate the next generation, when they take the time to hone their craft and have a great passion for music and their chosen instrument.
I know we will be hearing from Jordyn down the road and you'll be able to say "hey, I read about her on Talkin' Chop!" 
I'm sure she'll be in some of the major mags soon.
Best of luck to you Jordyn! I wish you absolute success. Go hit stuff with sticks!!

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