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Volume 44 - Jeremy Haynes

Jeremy Haynes


So, I was chatting with a former TC drummer, Andre Boyd aka 'Dre Energy' and he ask me if I needed anymore drummers to interview and I said "yes, always" so, he starts connecting me to some kats and boy was I surprised. Although I should not have been. High caliber players and people tend to run in the same circles. Well, one of those high caliber gents is right here, right now.
Jeremy is a very accomplished drummer and has definitely put his mark on the industry.
Playing with giants from various genres Jeremy has used his skills & "navigation system" on some serious stages, big and small.
A man of Spiritual Faith and a foundation in the church, it's no wonder he has become the man and musician he is today.
I am humbled to have had the opportunity to Talk Chop with Jeremy Haynes...

Name or Stage Name: 
Jeremy Haynes 
aka "JHaynes" or "Jigga Haynes"

Where are you from? St. Louis, Missouri 

So, How long have you been playing? 
42 years but, started playing professionally at the age of 10. I Began playing with my uncle's band.... "Gregg Haynes & The Band" an incredible group that consisted of Gregg Haynes as the leader and creator of the band. The sound was dope consisting of some of the best live horns players in the city to an amazing rhythm section and then balanced out with gifted and talented board players that made harmony melodic in every thing they played. At at a the very young age of 8yrs old I played a few sit in moments with him and as a result of it I was blessed to be recognized by the musical community in St. Louis and then invited to play with one of the top gospel music artist of that era. "The O'neal Twins" were trailblazers in gospel music. 

What got you into playing drums? 
Being raised in church and also growing up in an extremely musically gifted family. My Dad was a drummer and all of my aunts and uncles on both sides of my family played instruments and sang. So it inherently just happened. Kind of inevitable. 

Was your father hard on you, being a drummer himself or did he let you find your own way?
My Dad was extremely open and encouraging to me developing my own direction. Although at the tender age of 2yrs old....he still recognized a gift in me that had to be encouraged. But having a musical family and growing up in church its kind of inevitable that i would eventually find it easy to do. It wasn't until I had responsibility in playing for artist, bands, concerts and records at a young age that the drive to MASTER ME! was my never ending quest. So it is a known fact that having developed people around you makes you better.

What is or are your main genres of playing? 
Gospel, Jazz, R&B and Pop

How do you feel playing church prepared you for your career? 
Church in itself was challenging at times because no matter at what age you begin playing the demand and expectation of the role did not excuse your age or inexperience. For most of us that are successful in the game "Playing in Church" gave us a secret closet of development and maturing in the areas we needed. Such as timing, dynamics, accompaniment (i.e. playing behind singers, preachers or with other musicians) it taught us responsibility in the role, the importance of studying the music and it gave us the advantage of progressing a lil' faster than most that were in band at our schools (when band was a curriculum) or most that took private lessons. "Playing in church made us prepared for the world."

What are your goals, short & long term? 
Well considering I've lived out much of my dreams and aspirations as a musicians. But I guess the biggest goal would be to be seen and remembered as one of the best to sit behind a kit and that God, My Family & Close Friends continue to be pleased with my contribution to history, their lives and on earth. 

What projects do you have going on right now? 
Working on my Sophomore record as we speak. Titled "Managing My Emotions" I also do a lot of Producing, Mixing and Mastering of records for artist of all types of artist and music. 

About your sophomore project: What kind of musical journey will you take us on?
Do you have a release date? 
Where can we find your first album project?
Well, my last record was somewhat of a mainstream mindset based on friends and many people pushing me to do one. So my musical intent was simple but this new stage in my musical mind has been expanded and inspired into being more authentic, daring and explosive. I experienced a lot of emotional things in my life, family and career since the last record so, my passion has morphed into a euphoric intensity to just let down my guards and JUST FREAKING PLAY MAN!!!! So this record will be a lot more technical and musical to the listeners ears. Every musician needs a time where we get to do what WE want in the music. So thats what this record will be. WHAT I WANT TO PLAY. My plan is to release it by Christmas 2016" and you will be able to find "Managing My Emotions" on iTunes, Amazon Music, Reverb Nation and a few other media outlets. And you can also find my first record "Prodigal Son 2K" on those same outlets as well, mainly iTunes

Jeremy Haynes & the Rhythm is Life Band

What's the live music scene like in your hometown? Decent. Not enough outlets for musicians to come and sit in without having to play top 40 radio hits or covers that don't really give them the opportunity to express themselves authentically because everyone's so busy trying to please the bar owners or what they think the people want to hear. I actually believe people that come out of their houses to hear live music ALWAYS want to be taken on a musical journey, inspired, entertained and blown away by how great we are as musicians. Otherwise they can just play the radio if the want to hear top 40 and have a simple experience. Live music must be emotional, uplifting, inspiring and enjoyable. 
(truth..absolute truth!)

List some of your accomplishments so far: 
I've been blessed and favored to be a 5x Grammy Award, 80x Stellar Award, 1x American Music Award and 4x Dove Award winning musician. Played 3 Major Movie Soundtracks, Over 150 recordings, toured the world with top artist and been apart of some incredible musical movements and projects. 

Do you play any other instruments? 
Yes! Trumpet, Baritone Tuba, Trombone, Some Keys. 

Ok, normally when drummers play other instruments it's bass and maybe keys. How did you get into brass? 
When growing up it was my desire to play in the school band. I wanted to learn the theory of what I was actually already playing. But my band teacher had known of me playing in the city at a young age and wasn't impressed at all by the attention I was getting by other students and friends from the school who were actually in the band at school. So it was kind of a Michael Jordan story if you will. One day in band practice a few of the other drummers in the school band offered up a "Show me whatcha got" challenge in band practice and by the "other" drummers I mean (cocky lil' white boys who thought they were the $&@#...) and after they were completely embarrassed in front of the entire class, the band teacher stopped us and started his class or practice. And later on that day he sat me down and told me "You're really a good drummer for your age but, I have too many drummers in the band already so, would you be interested in playing trumpet instead?" So of course I said "Uuuuummm No...I really would like to play drums" and then he said something that was incredibly insightful (although I didn't know it at the time...) "I promise you that you will learn so much more about music and will perfect your ear and the ability to know and learn music quicker and better." And reluctantly I excepted.....but at that young age I never realized that all of my aunts, uncles and cousins were all incredibly gifted in playing brass or woodwind instruments. I have one uncle who literally played the Organ and the Trumpet at the same time at church when the preacher would preach! IT WAS NUTS TO SEE HIM DO THAT!!!! So that drove me to really develop my musical instinct that has helped me through my successful journey to this day.

Describe your current set up & gear - heads and sticks...ect? 
Well I currently play my JHaynes Signature Series acrylic kit. 6pc (sizes) 10" 12" 13" 16" 22" I loooooove cymbal personalities so I play with a 11 cymbal set up that consist of....
3- 6" 8" 10" splashes
2- 16" 17" crashes
2-18" crashes
1- 19" crash with a 14" china (piggy back set-up) 
15" hats
21" ride (rivets) 
Drumheads- There's no greater drum head created better than REMO heads! So I play both Vintage Emperors Coated or Clear. I absolutely love them!!!! With a Smooth White Emperor on my kick drum. 
Sticks- I love Sound Percussions 5A Nylon and Wood tip hickory sticks. 
Snare Drums- Remo Coated Emperor X with a Haze Diplomate on the bottom. 

Do you have a “Dream Kit”?  
My dream kit is my reality.....Having my very own signature series kit is my dream come true. AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!! 

How did having your own signature acrylic kit come about?
Through my good friend and homeboy from St. Louis Andre "Dre Energy" Boyd (vol. #13). He was touring the country with Circa (a huge and killer musical and acrobatic production). At that time he was developing these great relationships with these incredible independent companies and in the interim of his traveling he would often receive these great products and gifts from these companies such as drum gear, electronic gear or branded clothing or cool paraphernalia from the companies. And he feel in love with this company out of Vancouver Canada called Casey Drum Company and literally talked the guy into signing me as an artist for his company and also based on his level of respect and honor for the impact I've made in his life growing up and as grown men. He wanted to show me some appreciation and love by asking the company to create a "Jeremy Haynes Signature Series" for the company with the hopes of it becoming a popular and great brand for the company. AND IT DID JUST THAT! Unfortunately the company could not handle the work load considering it was a 2 man the company just became a service for snares and parts which is cool because I'm humbled and grateful to have been the first of my generation and piers to have my own Drum Line and Custom Signature Kit. So I have Dre and Casey drums to thank for that. It was nothing I sought after. I just love to play....I've never chased companies....not my thing.

How do you describe your drumming style? 
Musically Authentic & Finesse with Specifically Intended Placement. MAFSIP lol!

If you weren’t playing drums, what would you be doing? Helping/Teaching special needs kids or Psychiatrist, considering I have a degree in Psychology. I love helping people think outside of the norm or see things from a different way or view. (Which is kind of how i play....)

How has drumming impacted or changed your life? Playing drums has given me the chance and opportunity to live a great life financially but I must admit the most important thing has been to see the impact that my playing approach, musical mindset and documented musical history has influenced many musicians (not just drummers only) all over the world and not just in my culture or demographic. Every ethnic group, religion or creed has been extremely expressive to me through email, Myspace, Facebook, I.G. (Instagram) youtube or any other media outlet that provides us the advantage or privilege to connect with people across the globe. I'm grateful to God for it. 

Name 5 of your drumming influences? why? My Dad Edward Lawrence Tate for inspiring me through example and application. He noticed it in me at the age of 2yrs old and began allowing me to play while sitting on his lap....and the rest is history but my favorite guys are. 
*Sonny Emory has been an incredible encouragement to me. His honesty, his mentor-ship and his wisdom has been intoxicating to my manhood and humility. And his career in EXTREMELY impressive and unmatched. He's one of the nicest cats I've ever known to this day.
*Joel Smith has been the one that sparked my musical interest the most because I studied him at a very young age and could not stop adsorbing his musical concept from the kit. His approach was like no one else because it was driven by finesse, unselfishness, emotion and the ability to bring life to the music through his choice of placement and idea about the music. HE IS THE GOAT IN MY EYES!!! 
*Dave Weckl is one of the most technically sound players I've ever heard. His strategic way of navigating through the drums always looked easy and his approach was exactly what help make jazz fusion more inspiring to most drummers like myself. From his tuning and snare choices....he has been a HUGE influence in my approach. 
*Will Kennedy makes drums sound like music when he's playing. His idea of playing against the tradition of rhythms or structures in songs can be very infectious to the ambition of any drummer wanting to be different. He unapologetically plays music like he has no regrets and I LOVE THAT!!!! His dynamics and sensitivity with the ride cymbal and snare accents is the perfect pallet to the musical and non-musical listener. 
And these people have been crazy inspiring in my life as well......Rob Woodie, Calvin "Manny" Carter, Laval Bell, Chris "Daddy" Dave, Nathaniel Townsley, Jeff "Tain" Watts, Marcus "Coco" Baylor, Greg Bissonette, Buddy Rich, Elvin Hayes, Tony Williams, Harvey Mason, Chris Coleman, Robert "Sput" Searight, Peter Erskine, Lil John Roberts, Eric Harland, Stanley Randolph, Jeff "Lo" Davis, Vinnie Colaiuta, Sheila E.

Name an inspiring concert that made you want to go home and start shedding? 
Concerts never really inspired me as much as records did. But gospel great and artist Walter Hawkins Love Alive II was thee record that made me get up and run to my toy kit as a kid. The Great Joel Smith on drums and then Dave Weckl's "Master Plan" put fuel to my passion to become better. 

How much time do you practice? 
I'm practicing every week. Most times I'm in sessions all the time so practicing for me has become more about mastering the things I am not sure of or master the things I am confident in. Practice does not make you perfect!!! Practice makes you prepared.....Mastering the moments you're invited or paid to be apart of make you perfect. We must master the things we aspire to be. Period! 

What types of things do you work on, in those sessions? Mastering the idea of placement inside of the arrangements, timing and structure of the tune. I see the drummer as the Narrator bcuz we are the "Navigation System" in the song to give you the update on turns, stops, bumps or u-turns in the song or arrangement. So our musical instinct should be strong so that we are never disconnected to the goal of having a great session for a great record to be enjoyed in a great way. 
(I dig this analogy)

Do you record drum videos of yourself? if so, how has it helped you? 
I normally don't because I'm very private and not interested when it comes to showcasing myself. I've just started doing Facebook Live recently based on my challenges for other drummers to do things different and hopefully to inspiring them to be better as well. I'm more interested in helping others than myself. I hate the spotlight. 

JHaynes "Air We're Breathing" HBIYD Music Camp

Do you prefer studio sessions, local live gigs or touring? All of them have their unique energy and significance. And also their own responsibility so it makes each situation fun and exciting. Mastering all situations is what makes you great! Most people are only great in certain settings but few have mastered the beauty of all 3. 

Do you prefer being in the "sideman" role or doing your own project? I enjoy being a band member as well as being the boss. I believe we go through our musical journey in life as musicians to be respected as a great team player with the ambition to be a leader some day. And I'm privileged to be apart of both sides of the coin. I serve as Asst. Minister Of Music and Musical Director at Beulah Missionary Baptist Church a great church in Atlanta, Georgia. And I get to lead and serve an incredibly gifted crew of singers and band members that I love deeply. 

Do you have a crazy or interesting gig you can share with us? Funny No! Interesting Yes! I was honored to be chosen to play for The "Queen Of Soul" Ms. Aretha Franklin...Also Lauren Hill and incredibly boy band New Edition among other huge names in the game and I will never forget any of those special moments, EVER! 

What is it like to work with someone like Aretha Franklin?
Ms. Franklin was a joy to work with. She's not the QUEEN OF SOUL on accident lol! Her stability in the industry is unmatched, her ability to perform tirelessly for years will never be duplicated. She's as sweet as pie and knows her stuff. And she can freaking SING and PLAY THE HELL OUT OF THAT PIANO!!! She knows her tempos, accents and what she wants to hear accurately. It was a pleasure and a honor being apart her band and legacy "Check that one off my bucket list✅" 
One day I hope musicians will say these very words about me. "A good name is worthy to be chosen than riches"

What are your words of wisdom for your fellow drummers out there? 
ALWAYS! ALWAYS! ALWAYS! Be yourself! Master the music not the chops because the chops can be the icing on the cake but not the Cake. A cake is still delicious without icing but, icing makes it reeeeeeeaaaally good and tasty. Inspiration inspires, Influence is infectious but copying is considered stealing. So Be yourself and success will come. Remember "Everybody Gets A Turn" 

Last Words, Links, Hashtags and Thank You’s??? 
I want to Thank God whom I love very much and am grateful for allowing me the opportunity to share my gift, talent and life's extensive history with the world. Thank You to DeHaven Carrington for the fortitude of connecting with his subscribers and supporters...your generosity is greatly appreciated. To Andre Boyd for always showing me so much Love and Respect by connecting me to great people and great things. Much Love Dre!!! 
To God be the glory for the things he has done. 

Jeremy Haynes.


Powerful stuff...Wow! You can just feel the passion and the professionalism coming through the computer screen.
Brother Jeremy, Thank you so much man for taking the time to share with us a piece of your drum life. This was definitely a great interview for me. When you have heard and played a lot of the songs someone has recorded and then you get to interview them, kinda kool.
You guys make sure you visit Jeremy and say 'Hello'.
Stay connected with him, so you know when his new project comes out. I've listened to the stuff from his first album and there is some great musicianship going on from all the kats playing!

**btw - as a side note, for those of you who do not know who Joel Smith is, I strongly urge you to seek him out.
He was a huge inspiration for me in gospel music and has played on some of the biggest hits ever! that is not hype, that's truth. He is also an amazing bass player, sometimes filling both seats for recordings.
That's my $.02

Alright, I'm spent!
If you or someone you know, would like to be interviewed
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