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Volume 59 - Tim Boettcher



Guess what, my people?
We're still in Detroit!
I guess this was gonna happen sooner or later, from one of the big cities. I for one am glad to run into another brother from this kool, musical stomping ground. I met Tim on FB and as always we started with the love of drumming and drums and then it moved to sharing opinions on everything from music to politics. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we don't, so what! That's America and it's what we do. He is a good guy, who is knowledgeable and a great player. These are the kind of people, not just players that I'm glad to come across. Now, that I'm done with all that...let's see what all the hoopla is all about and Talk Chop with the Drummer/Entrepreneur, Tim Boettcher.

Name or Stage Name: 
Timmy B

Where are you from? 
I was born in Detroit

How long have you been playing? 
I've been playing since I was 7 years old so 40 years now.

What is or are your main genre of playing? 
Now a days I play in a classic rock cover band. I have played in almost every genre of music including being a studio musician.

You have a very diverse music catalog of taste. Do you feel some musicians have become to singular, genre focused? 
Some have I think. I think some try to be different instead of being different. We have some incredible talent here in the Detroit area no matter what genre or type of band!

How did you get where you are now? 
Falling back on basics.... Through my years as an original band member, studio musician to a cover band drummer, falling back on the basics of drumming always helped me to make me a better drummer.

What are your goals, short & long term? 
They are the same really, to be a better drummer, a better musician and a better band mate. 

If you could, what artists you would like to play for? 
All time? The Temptations first and foremost, Bob Seger, Black Sabbath and Jackson 5

List some of your accomplishments: 
I've recorded over 2000 tracks for bands all over the country, as well as some jingles for the radio. I'm pretty proud of that. It was a huge move for me, frightening and exciting all at the same time.

So, you are in the band OCD? How did you guys form? Yes! OCD was already together, a high energy rock cover band with all veterans of the Detroit scene. They needed a drummer fast so I actually got the call on my wedding day My lovely bride and myself were married at our home in Clinton Township and I was out in the yard making final preparations when my phone rang. Chuck Hart, an amazing guitar player who was in OCD called and asked if I could play a gig the following Saturday night and I said "hell yea", so he asked if we could get together later in the day to rehearse some tunes for the show and I explained I was getting married in 3 hours and he apologized and said he could get someone else and I told him no worries, we weren't doing a honeymoon just yet. I met up with them a few days later at Chuck's house to go over some of their catalog of songs and played 3 or 4 tunes and they asked if I wanted the gig and I said sure I can do Saturday and they said no, all of them The rest is history as they say.... We are all literally OCD too so we get along great!

Buckcherry "Crazy Bitch" Cover

What covers are you guys doing? 
We do a lot of older Aerosmith, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, Nine Inch Nails, Black Sabbath kinda stuff. We probably a total of 80 or so artists on our list.

I'm listening/watching OCD vids. You guys really have the groove down on these songs. I've heard so many cover bands and I can't even decipher what song it is. So, thank you for that! But my question is how did "Brick House" get into the set? lol. 
We actually have a few Funk R&B tunes in our list but Brick House is a favorite of most and we were looking to find a tune for our bass player to stand out and shine, to which he does some killer work on! The singer in the band, Matt, is a huge Motown and Funk fan too, so I expect over the next couple years to integrate many more tunes like that into our list.

OCD Promo

Do you guys have any originals? 
Nothing published or finalized.... we will be concentrating more on that this year! 

Any travel gigs or do you stay close to home? 
We pretty much stay close to home, within 30/40 minute drive. We all have family's and they come first so being close is always a bonus.

What about you, any touring in your past? 
I was in a band called Tribal Time back in 1989 that did, what I thought was to be a major tour but ended up more like 5 guys drive around in a van for a few weeks, play 3 states 9 shows and get paid $64.00. It was fun at the time and met some really cool people, I'd do it again if I were younger or the act was established already.

Describe your current set up & gear - heads and sticks...ect? 
As far as drums, I am a Mapex Artist, I play a MyDentity series kit. These kits look and sound amazing. I have been playing a PDP Concept Maple as well as a Gretsch Catalina Club, I like to mix it up a bit. The Mapex kit loves Evans EC2's, the PDP Concept Maple loves Remo Pinstripes and the Gretsch loved coated single ply heads. What I mean my that drum "loves" a certain head I mean that particular head makes that drum the purest sounding it can be. I see a lot of drummers get in a rut of using the same drum head forever and not really knowing if that drum could sound better. I use Vater 5B sticks now, I've tried a couple custom makers and it just didn't work out. 

Do you have a preference for shell types? 
I really like Maple and Mahogany shells. They possess the best timbre and tone for my liking, live or studio.

Do you have a “Dream Kit”? 
 Not really... I can play on a 500.00 kit or a 5000.00 kit and as long as it sounds good, lets play!!

If you could get away with it, who's drum kit would you steal? 
Ringo's 1st Ed Sullivan kit 😉

How do you describe your drumming style? 
I'd say I'm a simplistic drummer. I have chops and can do stick tricks but prefer to be in the shadows and play for the song with the band... one sound.


Why the drums? 
It always made sense to me. I could listen to a song and tune out everything but the drums and could mimic most of what I heard. It's Motown's fault really, the drums always fit the songs. 

If you weren’t playing drums, what would you be doing? Can't imagine not playing to be honest.

How has drumming impacted or changed your life? 
Good question... Being a drummer in a band is cool but being part of a group is better in my opinion. They make me want to be a better musician and I hope it's the same from the other end. I've met a lot of people over the years and with all these people, some come into the private side of your world therefore your life is constantly changing. I'm very fortunate!

You are also involved behind the scenes with Kick Prints, tell us about it... 
I started Kick Prints in November 2016. We do full design and print directly onto the drumhead. This ensures the purity of the drumhead. We've had customers from all over, England, Norway and even Switzerland.

What made you get in to this type of business? 
I had a drumhead printed, so they said, earlier in 2016 and when I received it, it was a vinyl sticker applied to the head. It was like a wet newspaper with no resonant qualities whatsoever. It inspired me to come up with a way to print on the head itself without using the decal process. 

What bugs you about the current state of the music industry? 
Oh boy I feel everything is too processed, too sterile. Songs written in today's world don't have a chance to breath and by everyone recording to a click it takes the away the heartbeat as well. Lifeless, processed, compressed, disposable music is the result.

When you're not playing, do you go out and support live music? 
Absolutely!! I love live music and the people who play it. As a musician, I can see the energy created on stage and no matter what band is playing, it's always inspiring.

We live in a new era of young musicians, talk about the pros and cons that you see in the young katz you see: 
As far as young drummers go, I see plenty of chops and fast playing but I don't see much groove style playing. As one kid told me recently, and I've heard it before, that basic grooves are boring.... As a drummer and a musician, this scares me for the future of music as a whole. The chops these kids have are truly incredible though, good to see that discipline. 

Name 5 of your drumming influences? why? 
Benny Benjamin, Richard Allen, Uriel Jones, Charlie Martin and Tommy Aldridge. They all offered something different either in the way of genre or method, approach if you will. A great groove is easy to play but takes a lifetime to master.

Name an inspiring concert that made you want to go home and start shedding? 
Mike Mangini drum clinic. Still inspires and in awe years later. The crazy part is, I really wasn't a fan of his prior to that.

How much time do you practice? 
I try to practice at least a few hours a week.

What types of things do you work on, in those sessions? Rudiments first and foremost then I'll get into a little freestyle playing then work on new material for the band.

Is there one flaw in your playing that you still are trying to fix? 
Several As a player I have to be more focused on balancing dynamics with creativity. It's a tough thing for me to do because I'm always searching for the perfect part for the song and I get too wrapped up thinking about it versus just playing.

Are you doing any studio work? 
I get calls every now and again, nothing like it used to be like 4 to 5 nights a week. The last three have been country (pop country) gigs. They are fun songs to track.

Do you have a crazy or interesting gig you can share with us? 
They are all crazy in their own right but the most interesting gig had to of been when I had to play a set with a back line kit that was set up lefty and because of the rack system I couldn't move anything. So I got a crash course in playing left handed. It turned out better than I thought but wouldn't recommend it.

What are your words of wisdom for your fellow drummers out there? 
Well, all I can say is protect your ears! Invest in a good set of in-ear monitors. Learn about the frequencies your drums produce and make them as good as you can as quietly as you can. I'm at the point where I cannot play without them or ear plugs. The damage has been done. I never had anyone tell me that as a kid and now have severe Tinnitus and major hearing loss. Louder doesn't always mean better!!

Last Words, Links, Hashtags and Thank You’s??? 
My band page is www.facebook.com/OCDetroit and I can't forget my Kick Prints page www.facebook.com/kickprints #playmore

This dude rocks! Yo Tim, thx again my brother! I will see you on the pages of FB. It's always good to see katz doing more than just play. We all need to look at our careers as more than just playing the drums. Continued success with the band and with Kick Prints. #Respect


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Volume 58 - Dan Durecki

Dan Durecki

Hey there my fellow tub-thumpers,
It's time for a little bash & clash!
This edition of TC takes us to Detroit Rock City, a great historical city for music. It's always kool to run into a kat from the motor city, who's doing some good 'ol rock n' roll! With his band in tow, Dan Durecki is throwing down some classic rock vibes with garage band, punk band intentions. Great energy and attitude propels his drumming and his Physical Therapist background helps to keep body in shape. Sounds like he's got it covered, so let's uncover his drum life and Talk a little Chop.


Name or Stage Name:
Dan Durecki. No real stage name. Friends call me Danno

Where are you from?
Born in Detroit, MI. Raised just north of the famed "8 mile road". In fact, I used to ride my bike past the trailer park in the movie to go buy drumsticks at Gus Zoppi's music on 8 mile.

Are you still in the Detroit area?
If so, how's the live music scene there?
Yes. Proud Detroiter here. The scene is different here than in other "music cities" like Austin, Nashville, etc. There are a ton of awesome musicians and bands here, but not enough venues that support live, original music. You would be very hard pressed to try and live solely off income from music.

How long have you been playing?
going on 40 years

What is or are your main genre of playing?
Rock, but I'm schooled in rudimental snare drumming and gravitate more towards funk in my overall style.

How did you get where you are now?
Just kept at it. Setting goals for myself and working on achieving them.

What are your goals, short & long term?
It's a different world now in the music biz. As an independent artist the internet is awesome in the ability to reach a huge audience. However, you're also just a drop in this giant sea of talent and noise out there. People acquire music differently now than they did 10-20 years ago. I don't know if they appreciate it as much as we did back in the day either. It's kind of disposable now. So to answer the question, Short term would be to get our new EP to a wider market. Long term would be to get to the point where my music is more than just an expensive avocation.

The Luck Outs - One Night Stand / GMo Show Veterans Day Show

If you could, what artists you would like to play for?
I would cage fight a dude to get the drum chair for Danko Jones! LOL

Please list some of your accomplishments so far:
Well, I won a few American Guild of Music awards when I was young for drum solo. I taught drums for 4 years while I was in graduate school for Physical Therapy. One of my students took first place in his first ever drum solo competition at the AGM. I've had the opportunity to play with some big names around the Detroit and national scene. I've been interviewed on a UK radio show.

You are currently in the band The Luckouts, How did the band form?
Liz Scaris, the lead singer and guitarist of The Luckouts was previously the bass player in a very popular band here in Detroit called The Ruiners. They actually toured internationally. Well, she was looking to start a new project and be the front person & guitarist. It was originally a 4 piece with her long time friend Gretchen Domino on bass, Gary Chechak on lead, and Jim Faulkner on drums. Jim and Gary left to start a different project and I answered the call to fill the drum chair. When I joined, I gave the band a more powerful and energetic feel, so we just decided to keep it a 3 piece.

The Luckouts

Are you one of the songwriters in the band?
Yes. The stuff on the first album is all Liz, Gretchen and the previous guys. I wrote "I Come Alive" and co-wrote "On My Way" from the second album. The new 5 song EP "Twisted" is all a collaboration of us three, with equal credits on all the songs.

The Luckouts - Devil Girl Music Video

Do you play any other role in the band other than drummer?
I kind of handle promotion as well. Also, my Wife Lisa plays a managerial role with booking, accounting, and generally lighting a fire under our sometimes lazy asses! Lol.

Have you guys done any touring?
We have all toured individually with our previous bands. As the Luckouts we have just done small Midwestern, day drive / weekend trips. Nothing long haul yet.

What is your approach to drumming while playing on The Luckouts?
My approach is the same no matter who I play with. Play for the song. With The Luckouts, I'm definitely more visible, and I get to just go all out. I'm a heavy hitter anyway and our music allows me to lay into it.

You guys have a kool classic rock sound, is that how you see yourselves as a band?
Thanks! Yeah, I guess. It's kind of hard classifying our sound when people ask. There are so many different genres now. I don't know if the general public even knows what you're talking about when you say something like "Oh, my band is goth death metal" Lol. You know? It's like there are all these little sub-sets of rock now. We get pegged as a punk band mostly, but I think we're really more Post-punk, straight up rock. There's a garage element to us, but our new EP is really a departure for us. It is well-produced and is a more accurate representation of the 3 of us, and where we want to go sonically.

Is there an album out or in the works?
Why yes there is! The new EP is called "Twisted". It is available through Amazon and all the usual download sites. Or you can contact the band and we'll send you one at luckouts@gmail.com

Watching your music videos, you are a pretty animated guy behind the kit. Is that natural for you? You seem like a outgoing kat.
Thanks! Yes, I was the class clown and I love to be the center of attention. I love performing and playing, so what you see is all me having fun.

The Luck Outs / The GMo Show

Name one gig that The Luckouts would love to play, venue, festival, tv ect...
If we're dreaming... then Pinkpop Festival in the UK. The Europeans seem much more involved in live rock and eclectic musical tastes. Also would love to do either South by Southwest or North by Northwest in Toronto.

Can you describe your current set up & gear for us?
I play Tama Superstar birch drums, 12" tom, 16" floor tom, 22" bass. I use a variety of snare drums. I have a DW 5x14, Tama 7x14 which is my go to, and a vintage Roger's 5.5x14. I use Zildjian A Custom cymbals, a 22" ride, two 18" crashes, 13" hi-hats, a 14" oriental china with a 14" crash together as a trashy x-hat, and a 19" Sabian China. I use DW 5000 double pedals and a DW 9000 hi hat stand. All my other stands are Tama. I also use and endorse Igen custom drumsticks.

Why did you choose the particular gear you're using?
When I was a young drummer I was attracted to Tama for their heavy-duty hardware and drums. Plus I admired a lot of their artists. After I outgrew my vintage Roger's kit, the first kit I bought with my own money was a Tama, and I just stuck with them. I use DW pedals because after a lot of trial and error, they just work best for me.

Are you a drum gear junkie?
Not really. I'll admit, I'm not up to date on all the current products, and I'm not that guy who has to know all about the new shit, or the guy that has to have the newest thing. I don't follow trends. I stick with what works and what has stood the test of time. I mean I love going to the drum shop and walking around drooling as much as anyone else, but My wife keeps me on a short leash as far as purchasing equipment! LOL

Do you have a “Dream Kit”?
Yeah, I'd love to have Rikki Rocket from Rocket Drums build me a custom kit. 

How do you describe your drumming style?
I describe myself as a basher with occasional moments of brilliance! Lol. With the Luckouts, I'm just a powerhouse. But I actually like laying back and playing groove and chops when I can. I sit in occasionally around town with some blues cats that are friends of mine and that's always a nice change. I also get together with former band mates once a year and we do a Dio benefit for cancer. It's gotten to be a pretty big thing. Like 8 bands all playing Dio covers. Cozy Powell is a bad ass! 

Why the drums?
I took to them early. There was always a drum set in my house. My older brother wanted to play when he was younger, so I used to go play them when I couldn't even reach the pedals. Over time, I just took them over.

If you weren’t playing drums, what would you be doing?
Well, I'm also a Physical Therapist, so that subsidizes my weekend rock-star lifestyle!

How has drumming impacted or changed your life?
Music in general has made me more compassionate, open, emotional. It breaks down all barriers. When musicians get together and play, it doesn't matter what color, nationality, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or language you speak. We can communicate and create, and bond without ever saying a word. And that is magical brother... That is what this world needs.

Are you doing music full time?
No. It's a tough gig to do full time. And as much as people see Detroit as a music town, our scene here is tough. I'm glad I have my PT degree to be my steady income.

Being a physical therapist, does that mean you have great advice for us drummers on how to keep our bodies in shape and deal with recovery? lol...
Yes I think I do! I think drummers in general have good coordination and body awareness. It kinda comes with the territory. But if you're having any issues, I am trained in movement science and as a drummer and former instructor, I feel especially qualified to help.

Name 5 of your drumming influences? why?
John Bonham: Power, groove, feel.
Stewart Copeland: Style, sound, energy.
Steve Gadd: Funk chops.
David Garibaldi: Groove, pulse, style.
Jeff Porcaro: feel, pocket.

Name an inspiring concert that made you want to go home and start shedding?
I saw The Police in concert on a cable TV show in 1979 or 80 at my neighbor's house, and literally knew at that moment I wanted to try and play music for real. I remember that feeling I got watching that show, and I wanted to make other people feel that way too.

How much time do you practice?
Not as much as I did when I was younger. I work on my hands everyday. I have a practice pad in my living room and spend an hour or so nightly working on rudiments. I probably get in about 3 hours a week on the kit. I work on patterns, groove, and then I'll work on new concepts like improving L hand independence or improving double bass technique.

Do you have a crazy or interesting gig you can share with us?
We opened for Starship at a big festival here in Michigan which is on the St. Clair river which is northeast of Detroit. We got to ride this huge barge, which was actually a floating stage, down the river and played to people lined up along the shore and boaters the whole way until it docked at the festival site where we played another set to the crowd there. It was a pretty cool gig.

What are your words of wisdom for your fellow drummers out there?
Keep the passion alive. Keep smacking the skins in whatever capacity you can. We are all part of one big song. One musical family. Let your voice be heard. Love.

Last Words, Links, Hashtags and Thank You’s???

I want to thank my family for allowing me to follow my passion. My wife Lisa for being my muse. My fellow Detroit musician brethren for being the toughest, rockinest mo-fo's out there. And to all our fans old and new... Thank you for letting me rock you!


I want to thank Dan for sharing his drum life and insights with all of us. Make sure you guys say 'Hello' to Dan and see if he can give some tips on keeping your body in good shape. Drumming is hard work and can punish the body.

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