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Volume 60 - Eddie Pearsall


Hello again all of my fellow drummers out there in the world!
I hope everyone has been having a great week and headed for a better weekend.
So, let's end it on a good note. We're headed to Buffalo, NY, where I found this kat doing some pretty kool things in his drum life. A versatile and humble individual, who has a passion for music and family. His drive is strong and his talent matches that strength and is definitely going to take him places only his dreams can imagine. Not the typical church kid, drummer. His genre choices are all over the map and he is able to deliver for the appropriate situation.
But enough of my blogging on...let's hear it from the man himself, as he has graciously found the time to Talk Chop with me and you.


Name or Stage Name: 
Eddie "Eclef" Pearsall

Where are you from? 
Buffalo, NY

How long have you been playing? 
Since the age of 2, so almost 29 years now.

Do you play a variety of genres? 
Yes, I play EVERYTHING that I can. You never know what call you'd get, so always be ready!

How did you get your start on drums? 
Watching my dad play drums in church. I was fascinated at a young age *laughing*

What are your goals, short & long term? 
To be able to always provide for my family sufficiently, whether it be through playing drums or sticking to my 9-5!

Artists you would like to play for? 
While I love playing with the bands that I'm in, I'd have to say that I'd TOTALLY dig playing for D'Angelo. He's super dope and he's a "musician's musician"

You are currently working in a couple of projects, let's start with THE TINES. Tell us what kind of band this is and how you got involved? We are "Tines" actually *laughing*. We're actually a 70's Prog Rock band. I actually got involved through a buddy of mines at work who actually plays in a band himself, shout out to Eareckson of the band Cain *laughing*, so basically through me and him playing one day, his buddy, which is Glenn our guitarist/head guy of he band, saw us playing in a vid we put up on Facebook and from there I got an inbox message to see if I was interested and the rest is history 


Is this a cover band or original project? 
We are definitely an original band

Tines // Nietzsches 12/30/2016

Have you always been into progressive music? 
Oh yes! I grew up playing Gospel and Jazz music and eventually branched out into playing everything else. Some of the best drummers I've heard are Progressive/Djent/Metal drummers a la Virgil Donati, Matt Halpern, Matt Garstka etc

I don't run into a lot of younger katz who are knowledgeable and open to a wide variety of genre's. How did you become so open to all of this music? 
Well when I was a young lad, my uncles and grandfather listened to a lot of Smooth Jazz/ Gospel/ George Benson, A lot of Underground Hip Hop, J Dilla, A Tribe Called Quest etc. The list can go on forever *laughing*

Are you guys playing regularly? 
Pretty regularly as of late, just about every month lately and at least once or twice. We're getting there *laughing*

Your other band is TOKYO & THE BOY, what genre would you classify this band? 
Like indie/pop if you will. Some songs are Jazzy, some Ballad like, some Funky. Just basically a culmination of what we all listen to individually 

Tokyo & The Boy - 
Esther Kim, Greg Wisniewski
Josiah Consiglio, Eddie Pearsall

There are some kool musical references in this music from folk to classical to adult alternative and it's done in a smart way. Are you involved in the composition of the songs? 
In the rhythmic sense yes, I'll leave the actual song writing to my band mates *laughing* I'll take some of those credits on the actual albums though!

Litertura Philia is the latest album and there are some kool tracks on there. I think "Dolores' Confession" might be my fav.
There are number of techniques from brushes to sticks to orchestral percussion on this album. Is that all you? Oh yes, all me. I had fun recording those tracks, and I'd have to agree that "Dolores' Confession" is one of my favorite tracks as well!

"Dolores' Confession" by Tokyo & The Boy

I also hear some great cymbals sounds like on "Surprise" The Hi-hats and Ride especially. What cymbals did you use on that track? 
I actually used a Zildjian K and some Zildjian hats. Some people prefer new Cymbals, but I love older, worn cymbals. I love the darker tones I get out of "old" cymbals!

"Surprise" by Tokyo & The Boy

"Ask Me to Run" is an amazing track! I imagine you dig playing that one live? 
Oh yes, it's definitely high energy for sure! Our last gig this past December in NYC, we did that song second to last because it definitely gets the crowd into it, besides I love drum and bass *laughing*

"Ask Me To Run" by Tokyo & The Boy

Is Tokyo & The Boy planning a new album? 
Yes. It's already recorded so it's just going through its final touches etc right now. I know that the last of it has already been recorded as far as parts go and overdubs etc. Just waiting on the final mixing and mastering etc. Believe me, I'm just as psyched about it!!! *laughing*
Will you guys be doing any touring? 
Not sure yet, though we are in talks of what we want to do marketing wise and labels etc. I'm all for it myself so we'll see what my band mates want to do in terms of that

Tokyo & The Boy @ Reh (vid)

What are your touring experiences, if any? 
Believe it or not, I'll be 31 years old this year and I've NEVER EVER toured *laughing*. I want to definitely and I feel that it'll happen sooner than later, but I want to and of course make money while doing it! My family is always first and foremost concerning that type of thing

Describe your current set up & gear - heads and sticks...etc? 
Well I endorse Regal Tip sticks, so I have my own signature sticks, shout out to Regal Tip!!! I play Evans/Remo heads and I play Ludwig Drums. I love the tonality that I get from the great combo of Evans and Remo heads on Ludwig kits!

So you're into vintage gear? 
Oh yes. I'll never forget meeting my dads buddy Frank when I was 14 years old and playing my first vintage Rodgers and Slingerland kits. This dude COLLECTS vintage kits! He's a super dope drummer as well!

How do you describe your drumming style? 
Versatile. Period. The trend, which I'm not knocking, with these up and comer drummers is that of chopping every half measure *laughing* and I'm not about that. I came up where pocket was everything. You can chop your way out of getting calls if you don't discipline yourself! Now I can chop all day! I only chop when the song calls for it, or when I'm asked to.

If you weren’t playing drums, what would you be doing? Spending time with my family, nerding out playing video games, watching anime etc. I'm definitely a Nerd *laughing*

You also play at church as well. How do you like being a church drummer? 
It's cool. At my church it's definitely like a studio setup with the drums with mics, we run tracks, we actually play studio quality too, not your average "storefront 2/4" *laughing*

Playing Gospel music is different than your other two projects, Do you like getting to play music with those different dynamics? 
Oh yes! It's all discipline to play with skill and precision and play "tastefully" and dynamically honestly and I prefer it. I'm tough on myself because I believe in being great so it actually trickles down to my drumming as well. Play as "clean" as possible is the motto!

Eddie - Ideas (Worked Off the Rust)

Have you done any Gospel albums? Is that something you would like to do? 
I've never done a Gospel album, but I'd love to! Tye Tribbet hit a brother up! *laughing*

How has drumming impacted or changed your life? 
Aw man, definitely for the better!!! Kept me on the straight and narrow for sure. My moms had me in church coming up, my dad is a drummer, my family is full of musicians, beat makers, preachers etc. So being raised in church was definitely a great contribution! I've always been fascinated with drums and after every service I'd stare at my dad while he played and I always tried to mimic what he was doing. Mines is the "typical" church boy story of playing at the age of two, beating on toys, wicker baskets, pots and pans etc *laughing*

Are you doing music full time? 
Full time working a 9-5 and music on the side as a hobby right now and means of extra money every week. My family has to eat and I can't quit my day job, I'd need a MEGA contract before even thinking about something like that *laughing*

So, when your not out playing, what do you like to do during your down time? 
Like I mentioned before, I like spending time with my family. I'm gone a lot due to hustling up musically, making extra money. In this economy, it takes more than just your job to get by.

Having a young family, does that give you more of a drive to succeed in the music business? 
Yes it definitely does! Honestly, while money is a HUGE drive to play and actually make money, my wife always reminds me that I should have fun doing it as well. So it's business and pleasure and even with the backing of my wife and playing for Regal Tip, I feel as though you are your own brand. How you carry yourself and treat others, how you present yourself, the amount of time you spend grinding for your craft etc, it's all brand honestly. If I carried myself unprofessionally, then what would an endorsement, or any of that stuff matter. I play my signature sticks, but whose the man behind the signature? You dig what I'm saying. So yea, everyday is a learning experience and I'm grateful!

Name 5 of your drumming influences? why? 
Psh, that would be Vinnie Coaliuta, Stewart Copeland, Steve Gadd, My Dad (Edward Pearsall), Calvin Rodgers. I'd have never started playing if I didn't grow up watching my dad in church, EVERYBODY LOVES VINNIE *laughing* his work with Sting, his own bands like Karizma, I remember watching him on VHS on the Modern Drummer 2000 fest with his band Karizma. Man he was sick!!! Stewart Copeland has some of the most versatile and "authentic" sounding reggae that I've heard, next to listening to a Bob Marley record *laughing* and his work with The Police is classic! Steve Gadd, man hearing him with Grover Washington, man!? He was super dope. He and Ralph Macdonald were a sick combo in Grover Washington's band. Just listen to the "Winelight" record! Last but not least, Calvin Rodgers! The inspiration to play everything as solid, clean, and groovy as possible! I remember hearing him on the John P. Kee "Not Guilty" record and being mind blown over what he was doing!!! At 14 years old, I had never heard such precision etc, especially on a Gospel record!

Having a father that is drummer, he obviously is your first inspiration. Is he now your biggest supporter? 
As much as he can be, yes. He shares my Facebook vids when I travel and likes and shows support as much as he can! My dad works all the days of his life, so he has a pillow and bed at his job *laughing*

What was the best advice your dad has given you? 
The best advice honestly was what he's shown me through his hard work ethic! He's always worked hard for all that he has and even at his age now, he still works just as hard doing doubles and crazy overtime, so that has always stuck with me, being a hard worker and all! He always says and has said that family is everything, so that is a motto that I live by, as well as ALWAYS remaining humble. So many musicians have this crazy ego that they are the next best thing to Jesus Christ *laughing* but my motto is that I am nothing, and as nothing, I approach every gig, every opportunity as a huge thing and play my best and treat everyone with respect etc!

Name an inspiring concert that made you want to go home and start shedding? 
Going to see Deitrick Haddon when he came to Buffalo, NY and seeing his brother play drums and being mesmerized by his professionalism and his great playing!

How much time do you practice? 
At least most of the week for at least a half an hour, maybe longer! It's all about rudiments!

What types of things do you work on, in those sessions? 
I try to honestly work on things that I "don't know how to do" you'll stay stagnant if you don't know how to play anything beyond your comfortable level of playing, I.e chops etc

Eddie - Snippet

You record drum videos of yourself. So, how has it helped you? 
Yes, I love to go back and watch videos of myself playing and critique my own playing. I'm a perfectionist through and through!

Do you have a crazy or interesting gig you can share with us? 
Yea. I just did a Reggae gig in witch when we started our first set, people basically sat at the bar enjoying the music. By the time the second set was up, people were dancing and asking us to do "7 more songs" *laughing* and that was funny because we weren't even in an area that you'd think would even be into reggae. There were even elderly couples dancing and getting it in two stepping etc *laughing*

What are your words of wisdom for your fellow drummers out there? 
ALWAYS BE HUMBLE!!! We are nobody's in the grand scheme of things and ALWAYS congratulate your fellow man/woman! You never know when your come up will be next! Never hate on anybody and ALWAYS remember where you came from!!! I wouldn't even be where I am now were it not for my boys Eareckson, Aaron Blackmon , Dave Teaspoon, and My Wife. The fellas gave me Cymbals, hardware etc. when I had given up and I had NOTHING! I'm trying to tell you! Remember your humble beginnings and ALWAYS let it guide you!!!

When it's all said and done, what do you want your legacy to be? 
To be that I was/am a humble dude and that I was/am genuine in my craft. To be honest, people will always have something negative and something positive to say about you, but it's what you choose to do with your life that matters. I choose to take care of my family and work hard in everything that I do. In doing that, yes I am a perfectionist and yes I take things more seriously than others, life isn't about being content, but to always strive for greatness! I pray that my kids see that when they grow up and that others see that and that I bless others through my humility and through my playing!

Last Words, Links, Hashtags and Thank You’s??? 
Thank you Regal Tip, thank you to my Beautiful Wife (Kelly) and Kids! Check out Tokyo and The Boy on iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook etc. Check out Tines on Bandcamp and on Facebook and I hope to see you at one of our shows!!!

Alright peeps, let's give a big hand to Eddie Pearsall. This kat is on a great path in his career. Yo Eddie, I wish you and your family nothing but success my brother!! Thanks again for taking time to share with me and the readers #Respect.

I think this is a great example of keeping things diverse as well as keeping things in perspective.

Now, you guys make sure to swing by Eddie's pages and drop a 'Hello' on him but most importantly, make sure you purchase his bands albums and support these projects. Those of you in the area, go to a show and shake his hand and get to know the band.


This has been yet another great interview here on TC. I'm always honored that you guys allow me to bug you with questions and that you guys read about other drummers, who aren't world famous.
We are a great community and we need to keep growing strong.

If you or someone you know, would like to be interviewed, just hit me up!
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